Husband - Diamond Anniversary

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Message Inside
So much has changed in 60 years
Except my life with you
Each moments just as wonderful
As when we said 'I do';

You're still my closest friend,
the one I turn to most of all,
And when I need to talk,
you're still The first person I call.

You'll always be the lovely man
I married at the start,
The one who cares about my dreams
And knows them all by heart;

The one who makes me smile,
does lots of special things for me,
Who makes my day with compliments
And thoughtful cups of tea.

You're still the one who understands,
Who always lends an ear,
The one who makes me laugh,
says all The words I like to hear;

The one who gives me butterflies
and memories to treasure
So much has changed in 60 years
I loved you then,I love you now
and I'll love you forever.


Card size 173mm x 247mm with a 6 verse booklet insert luxury card

Comes complete with envelope