The Essential Guide to writing a sympathy card. Here are our Top Tips.

Writing to someone who’s grieving can be really difficult, especially if you’re worried about saying the wrong thing. Remember though that they will really appreciate you reaching out. So making the effort really does the make all the difference. 

Here are a few helpful tips if you feel a little lost for words.

First, choose a card and design that you think they’ll like. There are some really beautiful designs to choose from.

Suggest you’ll contact them soon, and reach out to make some time for them. The period after loosing a loved one can be really lonely and it is a time when they need the support the most and keeping busy with friends is a great medicine.You could suggest that you’ll contact them in a few weeks, perhaps for a walk or lunch, and make sure to follow it up.

As well as sending a card after someone has died, sending a little something a few weeks later can mean a lot and when that person may be feeling a little lost. You will certainly bring a little unexpected sunshine to their day!