Why sending an actual card means so much more than sending an e-card.

It’s been scientifically proven that sending a greetings card or handwritten note creates a more positive response and generates a more emotional reaction than sending messages by social networks, emails or texts. 


Pretty Floral Thinking of You Card


In an experiment carried out by Mindlab, volunteer Mums were wired up with a special cap fitted with electrodes to measure changes caused by cognitive activity in response to different stimuli. The results showed that the activity in the volunteers Mums’ brains was greater when they were shown a handwritten greetings card or message than when they were given messages by text or email.

Pretty Thinking of You Greeting Card with exotic flowers

So whether you’re sending a message to celebrate a special day, a birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, New Home, New Baby, Happy Anniversary or even a card just to say thank you or thinking of you, you can be sure that if this is a special message you need to send, the best response will be a carefully chosen card and a lovely handwritten message. When these cards bring so much pleasure, they’re often treasured and lovingly stored away as a reminder of a special bond between people.

Missing You card with heart detail