What ensures delivery of the quality product that you receive and get to send?

Being based in the design studio we are often intrigued and fascinated about the suppliers that we use, which inspired us to delve a little deeper into a company that we have worked closely with for the past 8 years. 

The printers that Cherry Orchard Publishing choose to work with are just an important component to the business as are all our team and network around us which ensures delivery of the quality product that you receive and get to send!

Windles Group is a market leader in the printing world and not only strives to create innovative new printing processes and solutions to greeting card customer delivery but also has a fantastic ethos backed by a great team behind Bruce the company founder.

They developed a process called COLD FOILING which is when they apply a thin silver foil to our design and overprint with CMYK colours. This creates a beautiful and unique metallic effect. We use this on many of our ‘modern style’ cards and it provides a stunning sheen to the foil on the design. These designs are printed on a type of paper called LIscio (which we are proud to use) and for every ton used is Carbon Ofset with the World Land Trust initiative.

Example of Cold Foil

Bruce the founder of Windles is very much at the forefront of Windles and has a fantastic passion for engineering and reducing the environmental impact that the Greeting Card industry has on the environmental. Re building old machines is always a common feature at Windles not only to repurpose them but also to create solutions.

Cold Foil Modern Designs by Windles and Cherry Orchard Publishing

Recently they have built furnaces which they use to heat the factory. This is fired with pellets which have been made out of disused pallets, reducing waste and providing a solution.

Inside the Factory Windles Printing Group

The team at Windles are always experimenting with new design styles and innovative processes and we look forward to trying them on some of our designs in the near future!


Windles Printers