Letterbox chocolate gifts delivered direct to your door!

We have chosen to work with Linda and the team at Choc Affair which is a family-owned chocolate maker based in historic York to bring you wonderful tasting gifts.

Choc Affair Chocolate Gifts Online

Choc Affair has a great ethos and nothing that they produce ever comes at someone else’s expense. All of their cocoa comes from independent farmers and cooperatives  and every bean they use is responsibly and sustainably produced. They also invest in those same communities to make life better with a little extra paid for every kilo, helping reforest the cocoa-growing regions of Colombia.

Everything is hand-crafted and made to have a positive impact on the world.

  • Sustainably grown chocolate.
  • Palm oil free & all natural ingredients.
  • Recyclable packaging.
  • Proudly made in York, North Yorkshire.
  • Milk Chocolate bars are suitable for Vegetarians and the Dark Chocolate bars are suitable for Vegans

Choc Affair Chocolate Gifts Online

Choc Affair works with a Colombian, family owned chocolate producer, and has seen first hand the impact their collaborative approach has upon the communities in which the cocoa is grown.

Their shared vision is to tread lightly on the environment, where they are re- introducing lost species through reforestation and improving the diversity of the land, not damaging it.

A vision, that where there are challenges in rural areas to overcome, that through training and investment, lives are improved. Where long held cultural beliefs are deeply rooted, by reimagining the role of women in cocoa farming, they will play a leading role in determining greater stability for their families and a hope filled future for the next generation.

Choc Affair Online Chocolate Letter box Chocolate

So when you are enjoying one of their delightful handmade and hand wrapped chocolate bars you can believe that eating chocolate is doing good things for the world!

Letterbox chocolate gifts delivered direct to your door!