Happy boosting ideas for our days!

We have all had a day or two when he haven't quite felt 100%. We always aim to have our Cherry Orchard sparkle 'A game' as the team are so busy designing and getting out orders. So we thought we would pop a few of our favourite ideas to help turn frowns upside down.

Here are some of our faves!

  • Getting a hug...NEVER underestimate the power of a hug. There are a couple of non huggers in the office but even they have caved to a good old hug at times!
  • Think POSITIVE and have a positive attitude. Give things a different perspective and try and look at it from different angles, it can really help!
  • Have a CHAT! In the office we are a very close knit team and a problem shared is definitely a problem halved and then quartered!
  • Take a BREAK! When we hit a mental block we get a change of scenery even if it's just walking round the office, we can find that it really helps.
  • Chuck on your ideal playlist! Sometimes listening to some of your karaoke go-to's or your floor filler faves can really help!
  • If something is worrying you, WRITE it down! Get it off your chest, sometimes just scribbling it out can really help clear your mind.
  • Plant Care! We have several plants in the office not only to help with air purifying but also we find nurturing and tending to them is great for the mind!
  • Pay kindness forward. We have a box of cards that we have available for staff. This way if anyone wants to send someone a card 'just because' they can help themselves! Sending a thoughtful card can really give you a feel good moment to someone you care about.
  • Have a good tidy up! It is surprising how quickly your desk can get filled up with notes, folders and to do's.  Clear your space of all that doesn't need to be there. Clearing the desk and mind can lighten the mood.
  • Keep hydrated like a plant you need to be kept watered!
  • Get outside and pick some flowers even if its just to make a daisy chain! Now is the perfect time to get outside for some fresh air medicine.

We take so much inspiration from our beautiful surroundings and the environment around us. Whatever the reason for your low spirits, sometimes all you need is a good distraction — or a reminder of what’s good in your life. It also helps to get out of your own head and do something good for someone else. 

Feel better mood changing ideas