Someone retiring? Well lets make it a special occasion!

If you have a colleague that is retiring, making it a special occasion is a really nice way to celebrate their new found freedom!

It's a big milestone in someones life and I'm sure they have made a big impact not only at work but outside of work too. When someone gets to the stage of retiring they know their job/company inside out, they are almost part of the furniture and generally someone you have been able to learn a lot from.

We have lots of leaving/retirement cards that you can get the whole office to sign but we have also come up with some other fun ideas to make it a special occasion on their last day!

  • Get afternoon tea/food delivery brought into the office
  • Pop open the fizz! There are some great non alcoholic prosecco's available in most supermarkets now.
  • How well do you know your colleague quiz.
  • This is your life. Create a book with some memorable events/conversations photos from work.
  • Ask them to bring in some pictures from their childhood so that you can guess the age!
  • Party decs. Print some pictures from their time at the company and make a banner!
  • If they have a favourite hobby have this as your theme and base everything around this.
  • Do they love the colour pink? or maybe they always wear a scarf? If they wear something that reminds you of them then get everyone to dress the same for a little fun!
  • Get a thoughtful gift. If you don't know what to get then maybe find out what they are planning to do with their retirement, this may give you a clue? Holiday vouchers/a garden centre voucher/wine tour/gym membership/theatre pass/experience etc...
  • Set up a photo booth/selfie station so that you can get lots of piccies!
  • Have a book that everyone can write a leaving message on. Or if you have a nice picture of you all, get this printed on a canvas or in a frame and write your message on the picture.
  • Have the guests offer toasts and tributes to the person who is leaving.
  • Are they one of those that always sings to the radio in the office? Well then get a karaoke machine for a little fun and really put them to the test!
  • If they have been at the company for several years why not mark this by having a plaque/plant/tree at the workplace to thank them for their help and contribution.
  • Who says cakes are just for birthdays! Get a cake made from the budding baker in the office. If that's not their thing then maybe a sweetie table?
Retirement Card
 Funny Retirement Card (Blank Inside)
Hiking Retirement Card
Hiking Retirement Card 
Sorry You're Leaving Card
Bright Leaving Card
Floral Retirement Card
Floral Retirement Card