Getting prepped and ready for the month ahead!

Cultivating a healthy lifestyle by being organised can really help you on a day to day and month to month basis.

Planning, decluttering and writing things down (which also in turn can help you sleep and focus) will help you become more organised.

At the end of each month. I look ahead at the upcoming celebrations and occasions on the calendar so that I can be prepared for the approaching events.

To have everything written on a calendar means that you are not trying to remember everything in your head, but the information can easily be accessible to others (if you wish) and you can focus on what you need for occasions in advance.

Having a present and card drawer which you keep stocked up will not only ensure that you are always prepped but also any sprung upon occasions you will be ready for. I pick presents up in sales and make the most of special offers and discount codes.

My cards are in a drawer that I keep organised with dividers. Cards for her, Cards for him, Occasions, Thank you and Christmas. I have found this system is so handy and I have all ages. I also keep my address book in here along with some stamps!


Being organised in at least one area of my life has really helped me plan and save time and brings on a certain empowerment.


Getting organised in the office