Easter Cards are very much still a THING!

Are Easter cards loosing popularity?

At Cherry Orchard, Easter cards have always been a popular choice with our customers but, is the tradition of sending a card at Easter fading out?

Going to church, giving chocolate eggs - Easter traditions are many and much-loved by many. I remember fondly receiving a card from my Grandparents and it was always something I would enjoy receiving and was always part of our Easter traditions where eggs not so much.

Easter traditions include chocolate eggs, bunnies and hot cross buns, but when did sending cards become one?


There is a long tradition of sending Easter cards in certain Catholic countries such but less so in the UK."It is something that has been done for a long time in certain Catholic countries but there is no religious imperative to do it, it is just a gesture of good will," says a spokesman for the Catholic Herald.

With my own children I know that it takes us months to get through all the chocolate that they receive! (Lots of cornflake crispy cakes, for school bake sales really help!) So, as my Grandparents use to do for me, I now send an Easter card to younger family members with a little pocket money keeping our Easter tradition going!


Easter Cards from Cherry Orchard